Are puppies vaccinated and health checked?

Yes all puppies go to my vet at Beaverton Crossroads and undergo a full check up and vaccines and microchipped.

Are puppies dewormed?

Yes puppies are dewormed with strongid t at 2,4,6 weeks and go home with three days worth of panacur

Are puppies microchipped? 

Yes all puppies are mircochipped when they go to vets for first vaccines.

Are both parents on site?

Very rarely both parents are on site in most cases only mom will be here due to the fact I am always looking to improve and bring in new genes.

Where are the puppies raised?

All puppies are raised in our home my whelping room is right in the middle of my house they are exposed to new sounds sights and smells daily, they are read to by my granddaughter and are exposed to cats (I have two).


Is any training provided to puppies before going home?

Puppies are target trained to use litter box which makes house breaking much easier when they go home because they know they can only potty in a certain area.

What age do puppies go home ?

Puppies go home between 8-9 weeks at 8 weeks of age the puppies have assessments done.

Can we pick our own puppy?

No I do a full assessment and temperament test and place puppies based on this testing to make sure I am fitting the right puppy with the right family.

Do puppies have health guarantee?

Yes all puppies come with 2 year guarantee.

Do I breed for dark gold or cream and solid colours or more ticking ?

I don't ever breed for colour or markings I breed for health, breed purpose, and always to improve.